MediaSite 7: Disabling Automated Captioning

MediaSite 7 Admins can disable the automated captioning feature on presentations (with pending status) and folders.. Disabling automated captioning on a folder will disable this feature for all presentations in the folder and will delete all pending jobs. Disabling this feature does not affect presentations that have already been closed captioned.

PLEASE NOTE: Disabling automated captioning on a folder will delete all jobs. However, if you have already submitted content to 3Play Media for captioning, please note billing may still occur for these requests.

MediaSite 7 Folders

Step 1- Right-click the folder you wish to disable automated captioning for and click Manage Content > Remove Delivery.

Step 2- Check the box next to Audio Transcriptions and click Save.

MediaSite 7 Presentations

Step 1- Navigate to the summary page for the presentation you want to disable automated captioning for and click Edit Delivery tab.

Step 2- Clear the Audio Transcriptions check box and click Save.





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