MediaSite 7: Captioning Integration Overview

MediaSite 7 captioning integration


3Play Media has a complete integration with MediaSite 7. Submit captioning requests from within MediaSite for individual presentations or an entire folder. 3Play Media automatically receives and processes your presentations, and then posts the captions back to your MediaSite account. You can monitor the status of your captioning projects from within MediaSite or your 3Play Media account.

Also viewers can use the MediaSite SmartSearch feature within a presentation to search the text of the closed captions to navigate the video.

Navigate MediaSite lectures via searching closed captions text


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before setting up this integration it is required to contact 3Play Media Support as a new project will need to be created within your account by a 3Play Media team member

This is required in order to take advantage of the automated features and ensure the integration is correctly set up. 



MediaSite 7 Captioning Integration Setup 

Automated Caption Requests for Folders

Automated Caption Requests for Presentations

Disable Automated Captioning


MediaSite closed captions


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