MediaSite 7: Request Captions for a Presentation

Captioning on an individual presentation can be enabled directly from the presentation's summary page.

Once an Audio Transcription Profile has been created, follow the steps below to request closed captioning for a presentation...

Step 1- Locate the presentation

Within MediaSite 7 locate the presentation that you want submitted to 3Play Media for captioning.

Step 2-  Edit > Delivery

On the presentation's summary page click Edit followed by the Delivery tab.

Step 3- Select 3Play Media 

Check the box next to Audio Transcriptions.
Select the Choose a Provider radio button and then choose the 3Play Media audio transcription profile from the drop-down list.

Closed Captions for MediaSite 7 presentation

Step 4- Click Save

Once you have selected a 3Play Media Audio Transcription Profile, click Save.


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