Vidyard Integration: Publishing Edited Closed Captions

When the Vidyard integration is used and postback captions enabled, captions will be sent back to the Vidyard asset and published automatically. However, if edits are made within your 3Play Media account after the initial postback, the edited closed captions will be sent back to Vidyard, but they will be in the Draft state.

Follow the steps below to release the updated closed captions from the Draft state from within Vidyard. 


Step 1- In 3Play, Save and Finalize your edits

Once edits have been made to the file within the 3Play Media account system, be sure to click the Save button followed by the Finalize File button. Clicking Finalize will send the updated version of the closed captions back to Vidyard and put the captions in the Draft state.

Finalize File button

See more information regarding the Edit Transcript feature.

Step 2- Log into Vidyard

 Vidyard logo

Step 3- Navigate to Video Library

Click on the Library tab located on the left-hand side of the page.


Step 4- Go to Caption Settings for the Video

Click on the video associated with the edited closed captions file. Scroll down to the Captions section.


Step 5- Change Status to Published

Toggle the caption track status from Draft to Published.



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