Vidyard Integration: Audio Description Videos

If Audio Description (AD) is ordered through the Vidyard integration, 3Play Media can post a new video asset to Vidyard containing the AD.  Upon completion of the AD service, 3Play Media will create a new AD video asset, that will automatically be posted to the corresponding Vidyard video.  This support doc will walk through the necessary steps to setup the automatic postback of an AD asset.

Step 1 - Navigate to Vidyard Linked Account Settings

 Click Linked Accounts in the My Files screen.

New linked account

Click Edit under the Vidyard linked account.

Step 2 - Turn On Postback Audio Description

must be turned on in order for the AD video asset to be automatically sent to Vidyard once the AD is complete.

Important Note - With this setting turned on, the AD asset will be delivered to the corresponding Vidyard video.  If you need to make any edits to the AD, and then need the newly edited AD video posted back to Vidyard, you must contact the 3Play Media Support team.


Step 3 - Login to Vidyard and Turn On Commentary For Vidyard Video

Once the AD video has been delivered to the corresponding video on Vidyard, the AD must be turned on by clicking the headphone icon on the video, and then selecting Commentary.


The video will now play the AD track.


Alternatively, a mixed AD video asset, can be manually uploaded to Vidyard as well.  

Navigate to your 3Play Media account, and locate the AD file and click on it.  In the bottom right corner the AD video can be downloaded by clicking the Download button.

download AD assets


From this screen the Mixed AD + Source Media Asset can be downloaded.  This Mixed AD + Source Media Asset can then be uploaded to Vidyard.




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