Panopto: Request Captions for a Video

Once the 3Play Media and Panopto accounts are linked, users who have been granted the ability to request captions can do so by following these steps..


Step 1 - Log in to Panopto



Step 2 - Select the Desired Panopto Video

Click on the desired file in your Panopto "Home" page or Panopto Library. 




Step 3 - Navigate to the File Settings

Click the settings  icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 


Step 4 - Click Captions

Within the Settings menu click Captions.

Click Captions option in Panopto Settings


Step 5 - Request Captions

Click "Captions" in the page that pops-up. Under "Request Captions", select from the available 3Play Media turnaround service levels that have been enabled for your Panopto user profile.

Closed Captions turnaround options for Panopto requests


Step 6 - Click Order

Once the desired turnaround service level has been selected click Order.

Order Captions for Panopto video

Once submitted, the status of your caption requests can be tracked.

See more information on checking the status of caption requests within Panopto

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