Panopto: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to set up the closed captioning integration between 3Play Media and Panopto.

Step 1- Sign into 3Play Media

Sign into your 3Play Media account

3Play Media logo for Panopto closed captions integration

Step 2- Navigate to +New Linked Account

After signing into your 3Play Media account click Upload Media.

Upload Media button

Next click the Linked Account tab followed by +New Linked Account.

New linked account for Panopto integration

Step 3- Select Panopto

Select Panopto from the menu of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Select Panopto for closed captioning integration

Step 4- Note API Keys

Once Panopto is selected your API and Secret API keys will display.
Note these API keys as later they will need to entered in Panopto to enable the captioning integration.
 API keys for closed captioning integration with Panopto

Step 5- Sign into Panopto

Sign into your Panopto account.

Panopto logo for closed captioning integration

Step 6- Navigate to System

On the left-hand side of the screen, click System.

Panopto System enable closed captioning integration

Step 7- Select Caption Services

From the System menu select Caption Services.

Closed Captions for Panopto

Step 8- Click Enable for a 3Play Media services

In the Caption Services menu there are four available 3Play Media service levels that can be enabled. 
Click the Enable button next to a 3Play Media turnaround service level that you would like to allow your Panopto users to have access to when submitting caption requests.

NOTE: This step will need to be repeated for any of the four services levels that you would like to enable!!
Enable 3Play Media for Panopto closed captions

The available turnaround service levels are:

Standard 4 business day turnaround service
Expedited 2 business day turnaround service
Rush 1 business day turnaround service
Same Day 8 hour turnaround service.

See more information on 3Play Media's turnaround service levels

Step 9- Enter API and Secret API Keys

After clicking Enable for a 3Play Media service level click Edit.
User and Password field appear.

Add the API Key in the User field.
Add the API Secret Key in the Password field.

OPTIONAL: If you would like any Creator user role within your Panopto account to request this 3Play Media service level check the box next Additionally allow any Creator to Request this service level.

Once you have entered these credentials click Save.

Enter 3Play Media API keys for Panopto closed captioning integraton

NOTE: This step will need to be repeated for any of the four services levels that you would like to enable!!

Once Save is clicked this service level will now be available for your Panopto users with permission to request closed captions for their videos.


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