Panopto: Manually Add Audio Descriptions to a Panopto Video

Panopto provides customers with the ability to upload audio descriptions to their Panopto files. Follow the steps in this article to manually add 3Play Audio Descriptions to Panopto files. 


Step 1- Log into Your 3Play Media account

3Play Captions Transcripts Login


Step 2 - Select your file

Select the file associated with the Panopto video you have had audio described.


Step 3 - Download your Audio Description

Click "+ Details", then click the download button next to your audio description service. 



Step 4 - Select .WebVTT From the List of Download Options

Panopto supports ingestion of .vtt files as audio descriptions for a video. 


Step 5 - Log into Your Panopto Account



Step 6 - Select the Desired Panopto Video

Click on the desired file in your Panopto "Home" page or Panopto Library. 




Step 7 - Navigate to the File Settings

Click the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 


Step 8 - Navigate to "Audio Descriptions"

Navigate to "Audio Descriptions" in the menu that pops-up, and click "Choose File". Select the .vtt file that you dowloaded from 3Play to use as your audio description text.  




Step 9 - Click "Upload Audio Descriptions"

After uploading your desired .vtt file, click "Upload Audio Descriptions"

Note: If you have made additional edits, check "Audio Descriptions are based on the edited video" prior to clicking "Upload Audio Descriptions". 






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