Panopto: Integration Overview

Panopto is an all-in-one video platform and lecture capture system that allows you to record screen captures and video, webcast live over the Internet, and manage a centralized video library. Panopto recordings and webcasts are automatically uploaded into a video content management system where they can be edited, analyzed, searched and shared. Set up the integration between 3Play Media and Panopto to streamline the closed captioning workflow.

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How to Set Up the Panopto Integration

How to Request Captions for a Panopto VIdeo using the Integration

How to Set Up a Panopto Folder to Automatically Submit Lessons for Captioning

How to Check the Status of Caption Requests in Panopto

How to Manually Submit a Panopto Recording for Captioning

How to Manually Upload Captions to a Panopto Recording

How to Edit 3Play Media Captions from your Panopto Account


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