Panopto: Upload Captions Manually to a Recording

After receiving an email notifying you that your files are complete, follow the steps below to manually add captions to your Panopto recording.


Step 1- Log into 3Play Media

3Play Media login


Step 2- Select the File

Select the file associated with your Panopto recording from your list of files.
When it has been selected, the box to the left of the filename will become checked and the line will become highlighted in blue.

Select file to download


Step 3- Click Download

Click on the Download button located above your list of files.

Request download for file


Step 4- Download the DFXP Format

From the pop-up menu click the download icon for the DFXP format.
After clicking the icon the file will immediately begin downloading to your computer.

DFXP captions download for Panopto


Step 5 - Log in to Panopto



Step 6 - Select the Desired Panopto Video

Click on the desired file in your Panopto "Home" page or Panopto Library. 




Step 7 - Navigate to the File Settings

Click the settings  icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 


Step 8- Click Captions

Within the Settings menu click Captions.

Step 9 - Click Choose File 

Make sure to set the language for the file to the correct language for your captions. If you have made additional edits to the file, be sure to click the "Captions are based on the edited session" check box. Then, click "Upload Captions". 



Step 10 - Test captions

You will get a confirmation that your captions were successfully uploaded.
Play the session to confirm that the captions are displaying correctly.

Panopto captioned recording


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