Wistia: Advanced Transcript Actions

Here are some advanced options you can add to your embed code to control how your viewers interact with your transcripts.

List of Options

  • canCollapse
  • canPrint
  • canDownload
  • collapseOnload (requires canCollapse)
For implementing in iframe embeds, you must use the percent-encoding or URI approach (which the iframe embed already uses, e.g., %5B and %5D).


The example above adds the transcript plug-in, and then adds the canCollapse and collapseOnload plug-ins as well. WhenURL-decoded, it looks like this:

plugin[transcript][version]=v2 & plugin[transcript][canCollapse]=true & plugin[transcript][collapseOnload]=true


For implementing with SEO/API embeds, you will add additional directions into the embed code itself: 

Wistia.plugin.transcript(wistiaEmbed, {
  version: "v2"
  canCollapse: true,
  collapseOnload: true


For additional information regarding interactive transcript parameters feel free to refer to this page on the Wistia support site.

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