Limelight: Upload Limelight Content to 3Play Media from Your Linked Account

Before being able to upload Limelight content directly from your 3Play Media account, you must first link your accounts.

See more information about linking your Limelight and 3Play accounts.

NOTE: In order to use the integration with Limelight and 3Play Media your Limelight content must be published.

See more information on publishing your Limelight content


Step 1- Log into 3Play Media

3Play Media login


Step 2- Navigate to the Linked Limelight Account

Navigate to your linked Limelight account by clicking Upload Media > Linked Account > My Limelight Account (the name may vary depending on what you named this account upon linking it).

Click Limelight Linked Account


Step 3- Select Videos

Click on the files you want to upload. A count of the files you selected will be displayed on the Process button. When you have selected the files you want to upload to 3Play Media for transcription, click Process.

Upload Limelight content


Step 4- Choose Service

Select the default service English Transcription and Captioning to have 3Play Media create your captions from scratch. If you already have a transcript that you would like 3Play Media to sync with a Limelight asset, select Alignment.  Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning, is also available.

Select Service

By default Transcription and Captioning is selected. If you need your content transcribed to create captions and use 3Play Media's interactive video plugins, leave this option selected.
If you already have a transcript for your content, select Alignment Only.
See more information on 3Play Media's Transcript Alignment Service.

Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning, is NOT a translation service.  This service is used for Spanish content, that needs Spanish-Latin American Transcription and Captioning.  

See more information on 3Play Media's Spanish Transcription Service.


Step 5- Select Service and Turnaround Time 

Select Turnaround Time

See more information on turnaround service levels.

Step 6- Select folder location

Select an existing folder to upload your content to or create a new folder for this batch.
Once a folder has been selected click Continue.

Select Folder Location

Step 7- Review Order and Cancellation Policy

Review your order summary.

If you notice in your summary you would like to if you would like to change the destination folder, turnaround time, service type, or selected media files please go back and make the desired changes BEFORE clicking Place Order

Read the cancelation policy and check the box acknowledging that you have read the policy.

Review Order and Cancellation Policy

Step 9- Place Order

Once you have reviewed your order checked the box acknowledging the cancelation policy, click Place Order.
Once Place Order is clicked your files will begin uploading and will start in the Pending State.

Place Order Summary



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