Limelight: Integration Setup

Once you link your accounts, 3Play Media will be able to pull a feed of all your content from your Limelight account.
You will then be able to upload your content to 3Play for captioning.
You can also enable Postback Captions to have you captions and subtitles automatically sent back and added to your Limelight account.

NOTE: In order to use the integration with Limelight and 3Play Media your Limelight content must be published.

See more information on publishing your Limelight content

Step 1- Log into Limelight


Step 2- Navigate to Developer Tools

Once logged in, click Settings > Developer Tools.


Step 3- Note your credentials

Note your Organization ID, and both your access and secret authentication keys.

Step 4- Log into 3Play Media

Open a new browser window and log into your 3Play Media account.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login

Step 5- Navigate to New Linked Account

After logging into your 3Play Media account click Upload Media located on the My Files page.
By default you will be directed to Upload Media > From Computer.

After clicking Upload Media click on Linked Account and from the drop-down menu that appears click +New Linked Account.

Step 6- Select Limelight

Click the Limelight icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Limelight closed captions and subtitle integration

Step 7- Enter Limelight credentials

Enter the Limelight credentials that were noted in step 3.
Click Save.

Step 8- Enable integration features

Postback Captions

Turn Postback Captions to On to have captions, upon completion of the transcription process, automatically sent to and associated with the Limelight assets. While translation requests can only be made directly from the user's 3Play Media account, upon completion of the translation process, the subtitles also will automatically postback to Limelight.

Tag Based Auto Upload

Turn Auto Upload to On to enable the ability to submit caption requests directly from Limelight.

Create linked Limelight account for captioning and subtitle workflow

Once you have entered the required information, click Create Account.


Next steps...

Upload Limelight content to 3Play Media from your linked account

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