Brightcove Integration: Overview


3Play Media has an end-to-end integration with Brightcove.  This forum provides articles with step-by-step instructions on how to set up the integration, request and publish captions/subtitles for Brightcove assets as well as articles pertaining to other processes when working with 3Play Media and Brightcove.

The integration between Brightcove and 3Play Media allows you to transfer your media files directly from your Brightcove account to your 3Play Media account for processing. After your files have been processed, captions can be automatically sent back to your Brightcove account when Postback Captions is enabled. The integration can also be set up so that Audio Description files can also be sent back to your Brightcove player upon completion of the request.


IMPORTANT: Please note that a transcoding/ingest profile will need to be set up within Brightcove that converts media files to mp4. Visit this Brightcove support page for more information.


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Integration Setup and Enabling Postback Captions

Request Captions from Brightcove using Tag-Based Auto Upload

Request Captions for Brightcove Assets from within your 3Play Media Account

Audio Description Postback

Manually Add Captions to a Brightcove Video

Click here to learn about working with the 3Play Plugin and Brightcove




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