Vertical Caption Placement - How to Order

Follow the steps below to add Vertical Caption Placement to your order when uploading media files directly to your 3Play Media project. If your file is already completed and you'd like to order Vertical Caption Placement, click here.  

Step 1 - Click Order Services

After logging into 3Play Media, click Order Services located on the upper, left-hand side of the My Files page.

Step 2 - Select Service

Under Choose Main Service select Transcription & Captioning.

Step 3 - Select Language

After selecting the service, select the language spoken within the media files that will be submitted for this order. Please select the language spoken (or predominately spoken) within the media files for this order.

Selecting a language solely pertains to the transcription and captioning service.
IMPORTANT: This is not how a language is selected for ordering translation services. 

Click for more information regarding Translation services

Step 3 - Select Turnaround Service Level

Next, select the desired turnaround service level.

Click for more information regarding turnaround service levels

Step 5 - Glossary of Terms/Cheat Sheet (optional)

After selecting a turnaround service level, check the box to include a glossary of terms/cheat for this order.

Note that cheat sheets are optional so click Next should a cheat sheet not be necessary.


Provide correct spellings of product names, people, technical vocabulary, acronyms, and other terminology occurring in the content that is unique, propriety, or not widely known to better help with the transcription process.

Please note that the purpose of cheat sheets is not to provide instructions to inform the transcription process but only for providing spellings that are not easily researchable or cannot be inferred by content itself. 

Cheat sheets can be attached as a 3mb PDF or in a 500 character limit note.

Click for more information regarding default project-level and folder-level cheat sheets

Once a cheat sheet has been provided, click Next.

Step 6 - Select Vertical Caption Placement and Choose Vertical Caption Placement Type

Check the box Add Caption Placment under Add-On Services. Select either Automatic Caption Placement or Manual Caption Placement

How to order vertical captions by selecting them as an add-on during a normal upload. 

To Learn more about the differences between Automatic and Manual Caption Placement.

Step 7 - Select Folder

Create a new folder for where the media files for this order will reside or select an existing folder to store these orders.

Please note that files can be moved between folders within a 3Play Media project even before services are complete.

Click for information regarding how to move files to different folders

Step 8 - Review and Submit Order

Please review the services and turnaround times requested on the Finalize Order section of the form. Read the cancellation policy that displays on the right-hand side of the Finalize Order page.

After reviewing the order and cancelation policy click Submit to complete the ordering process.

Step 9 - Supported Formats

Once your caption file is transcribed and Vertical Caption Placement has been completed, you'll be able to access your file. Unfortunately, not every caption file type is able to support caption placement. 

The following caption/subtitle output file types support Vertical Caption Placement.

  • DFXP
  • SCC
  • STL
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