Automatic Caption Placement vs Manual Caption Placement

This article outlines some of the differences between two types of Vertical Caption Placement; Automatic and Manual 

About Vertical Caption Placement

Vertical Caption Placement is a service provided by 3Play Media to help overcome instances when onscreen text or other important visual content may become obstructed by captions. This service is referred to as Vertical Caption Placement because affected caption frames will move up or down on a vertical axis in case important visual content is present where the captions would otherwise be. 

Image of how vertical caption frames move up to avoid onscreen text


More information about Vertical Caption Placement can be found on our blog! 

Read this article to learn more about how our patent pending service examines a video file for text-content! 

Automatic Caption Placement

Automatic Caption Placement is our first-level of service within our Vertical Caption Placement services. This service relies solely on our algorithm to detect the presence of text in the bottom section of a video file. Our quickest level of Vertical Caption Placement, Automatic Caption Placement, is about 95% accurate, and is perfect for files where the visual content is less cluttered, and instances where text within the video itself is clearly demarcated. Because this service is fully automatic, it errs on the side of caution, and may move caption frames to the top of a file just to be safe. 


Manual Caption Placement

This service is a two-step process that first runs the transcript and video through the algorithm, described above, and then human intervention ensures near 100% accuracy.

While this process can take a little more time than Automatic Caption Placement, as it adds a secondary step, this service is perfect for more visually cluttered files and those files where absolute accuracy is necessary. 3Play Media is able to identify indispensable features of visual content, such as branding and human faces, that our automatic system cannot. Finally, files where content may appear on the top or bottom of the video are perfect for Manual Caption Placement, and our editors will be able to make judgments about the relative priority of content where our algorithm cannot. 

Turnaround Time and Pricing

Processing Vertical Captions can add additional time to the total turnaround on the file. Because of this, pleas note that if placement is ordered that you may experience a delay in having the files completed by the stated delivery time, especially for faster turnaround service level orders like Same Day and Two-Hour Turnaround. The additional time can vary based on volume and the availability of resources, especially if Manual Vertical Caption Placement is selected. Files usually take a few extra hours to complete, and are nearly always returned by the following business day.

Pricing is added to the cost of the total file by a per-minute increment.

Supported Formats

The following caption/subtitle output file types support Vertical Caption Placement.

  • DFXP
  • SCC
  • STL




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