JW Platform: Request Captions Using Tag-Based Auto Upload


There are two ways to upload JW videos: (i) from your 3Play Media account or (ii) directly from your JW Platform account.  This article explains the latter- using tagged-based auto upload to submit captioning requests directly from within the JW Platform.

After your JW Platform account has been linked with your 3Play Media account, you can upload files to 3Play Media directly from the JW Platform by tagging videos in your JW account

Different turnaround service levels can be assigned by applying a variation of the 3play tag as detailed in Step 4. 

You will receive notification emails confirming successful uploads. 

Please note that to submit captioning requests using tag-based auto upload from the JW Platform, that Auto Upload? within your 3Play Media's linked account settings must be set to ON. If this feature was not enabled when the accounts were linked navigate to Upload Media > Linked Account > Select your linked JW Platform account > Settings. Once set to On click Update.  

Step 1- Log into JW Player

Enter email and password to sign into JW Platform

Step 2- Navigate to Videos

To view your list of videos, navigate to Manage on the left side of the page and click on Videos.

Videos menu item 

Step 3- Select Video for Captioning

Select the video you want to submit to 3Play Media for closed captioning.  

Video List

Step 4- Add a Tag to a Video to Request Captions

Click the Tag button and in the Add a Tag field type one of the 3play tags listed below. 

For Same Day turnaround (8 hours from upload), add the tag: 3play_same_day

For Rush turnaround (1 business day), add the tag: 3play_rush

For Expedited turnaround (2 business days), add the tag: 3play_expedited

For Standard turnaround (4 business days), add the tag: 3play

For Extended Turnaround (10 business days), add the tag: 3play_extended

For 2 Hour turnaround (2 hours), add the tag 3play_two_hour

For ASR only, add the tag: 3play_asr

See more information on turnaround service levels

You can also order Audio Description (AD) from your JW Platform account, once the transcription process is complete.  Add the following categories to order Audio Description (AD):


For extended AD: 3play_extended_ad

Ask your account manager to activate the module, that will turn on faster turnaround times for AD.




In the image above the 3play_extended tag has been added to submit the asset for the Extended 10-business day turnaround service level. Once you have entered the tag, it will appear in the Current Tags text box.

Step 5- Click Save Tags

Once you have added a 3play tag to your video click the Save Tags button and your JW Player video will be submitted for closed captioning

Save Tags Button

You will receive an email from 3Play Media confirming that the files were successfully uploaded.

Please note that to have closed captions automatically added to a JW Player video upon completion of the transcription process, Postback Captions must be turned On in the settings for the linked account associated with your JW Player account.

If this feature was not enabled when the accounts were linked navigate to Upload Media > Linked Account > Select your linked JW Platform account > Settings.

Once Postback Captions is set to On click Update.  





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