JW Platform: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to link your JW Player account to your 3Play Media project. 


Step 1- Log into your JW Player Account

 Sign in to JW Player. Enter your Email and Password and sign in.

Step 2- Note your API key 

After logging into your JW Player account, navigate to the left hand side of homepage. Underneath Account, expand the menu and click on API Credentials.

Underneath account, click on API Credentials

After being taken to the API Credentials page, click on Show Credentials.

Locate the API Key and the API Secret Key.

API credentials screen, displaying API key and API secret key.

Keep this page open for future reference.

Step 3- Log into your 3Play Media account

Open a new browser window and log into your 3Play Media account.

3Play Media Transcription Captioning account login


Step 4-Navigate to New Linked Account

After logging into your 3Play Media account click Upload Media located on the My Files page. 
By default you will be directed to Upload Media > From Computer.

After clicking Upload Media click on Linked Account and from the drop-down menu that appears click +New Linked Account

JW Player closed captioning integration setup


Step 5- Select JW Player

Click the JW Player icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Selet JW Player from the linked account list

Step 6 - Finish Integration Setup

Enter the API Key and the API Secret Key from JW Player into the corresponding fields. 

Select Postback Captions to have the captions automatically sent back to JW Player and Auto Upload to be able to directly upload content from JW Player

Bitrate defaults to 500 Kbps. The bitrate only needs to be adjusted if caption encoded videos will be ordered from files uploaded through the integration. If you believe that the bitrate of the JW Player integration needs to be adjusted, please contact your 3Play Account Manager or 3play support at support@3playmedia.com

setup screen for the JW Player integration.

When completed, click Update to complete the setup for the JW Player integration. 

Next Step

Upload videos to 3Play Media from your JW Player Account 

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