AIM Version 5 (DSV5): Managing Classroom Support Contacts

This article provides information on managing Classroom Support Contacts within in AIM; these designated contacts may be contacted by 3Play's technical support team in the event of a caption delivery or related service fulfillment issue. 

3Play Media offers a live captioning solution for education customers utilizing AIM to manage accommodation requests. 3Play will receive and support accommodation requests routed to the 3Play Platform from customers utilizing AIM.

NOTE: Support contacts are available in DSV5 only. For customers using DSV4, please utilize the Additional Note field in the Course accommodation request, documented here.


AIM provides 2 types of support contacts that are associated with the accommodation request sent to 3Play.

  1. AIM Course- or Custom-Request-Specific Support Contact - this support contact is unique to each course or custom request. This contact should represent the person or distribution list best equipped to handle support-related communication for that given course or custom request. 
    1. The contact information for this support contact is managed within the specific accommodation request. 
      1. Navigate to the course or custom request, and within the 3rd part assignment, provide the appropriate contact information. 
  2. AIM Account Level Support Contact - this support contact is set at the AIM account level, and will be CC-ed on all support communication from 3Play.
    1. To set the contact information for this support contact: 
      1. Navigate to the Communication Access Module, and under the lefthand menu select Main Controls from the Controls section. 
      2. Provide the appropriate contact information under the Third Party Settings section of the page.




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