Clipmaker: Printing a Clipmaker Summary

First you will need to create Working Clip Reels before printing the Clipmaker Summary. 

See more information on Creating Working Clip Reels.


Step 1- Load your Working Clip Reel

Click on Working Clip Reel to load clips recently added to this reel.

Click Working Clip Reel


Step 2- Name your Clip Reel

Once the Working Clip Reel page loads, name this reel in the box next to Clip Reel Name.

Clip Reel Name


Step 3- Print your Clipmaker Summary 

Click Print to obtain a hard copy of your Clipmaker Summary.

Print Clipmaker summary


The Clipmaker Summary will appear in a new window. 
Click to Print located in the top, right-hand corner of the Clipmaker Summary to get to the Print Preview menu.


Now you can print your summary or save it as a PDF document.

Below is an example of a Clipmaker Summary.

It contains your Clip ReelClips StatisticsKeywords, and Files Utilized in your Clipmaker Project.

Clipmaker summary









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