Interactive Transcript in Clipmaker Overview

The interactive transcript, located below the video, lets you quickly search and navigate through a video file.  



Each word is linked to a specific point in the video timeline.  Words are highlighted as they are spoken and you can click on any word to jump to that part of the video.  You can search, download, and print a transcript as well as create clips. To create clips, highlight the text and click the scissor icon.  You can also stop tracking the spoken words. To learn more about creating clips see below.




The search bar lets you search for a word in the transcript.  Search results are highlighted in blue in the transcript and marked in the video timeline directly above the transcript.  



By hovering over a search result, you can see the surrounding context.  Click on it to jump to that part of the video.



To create a clip, simply highlight the text and click the scissors button.  Clips get added to the working clip reel where they can be viewed and manipulated later. You can learn more about this process by reading this article on creating clip reels.

The Scan View mode lets you track the progression of topics throughout the transcript.  It works like a tag cloud where frequently occurring words are indicated by a larger font size.  



The interactive transcript only displays for one video at a time.  You can load a different video and the corresponding transcript by selecting it from the collection pane on the left.






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