Clipmaker: Saving Clip Reels and Exporting New Media Files

First you will need to create Working Clip Reels before exporting New Media Files. 
See more information on Creating Working Clip Reels.

Step 1- Load your Working Clip Reel

Click on Working Clip Reel to load clips recently added to this reel.

Click Working Clip Reel

Step 2- Name your Clip Reel

Once the Working Clip Reel page loads, name this reel in the box next to Clip Reel Name.

Clip Reel Name


Step 3- Click Save

Save Working Clip Reel

You will see you now have a Saved Clip Reel.

Saved Clip Reel

Step 4- Click Go Back to Clipmaker Home

In the top, right-hand corner, click Go Back to Clipmaker Home

Go back to Clipmaker Home


Step 5- Click on your Clipmaker project

Click on the Clipmaker Project that you just were working in.
The number to the right of the project name signifies the number of Saved Clip Reels.

Click on Clipmaker project


Step 6- Click on your Clip Reel

Select saved clip reel


Step 7- Select your New Media file format

Select which format you would like to export your New Media file as. 
You can choose from .mp3, .avi, .mp4, .wav, .mov, and .wmv.
You can also rename the clip reel here if you like.

Note that if the clips you are working from are audio-only, you should export your file as either an .mp3 or .wav file. 

Select file format

Step 8- Click EXPORT

After you have selected your desired format, click Export and the new media file will begin processing.


Step 9- Exported Renditions Queued

You will now see that your exported rendition is listed as Queued

New Media file queued
Once complete, you will be able to download the New Media file to your computer.
The time it takes to create this New Media file will vary depending on which format you selected and how much content the Clip Reel contains. 

Note that you do not have to keep this page open while your New Media file is processing, you can leave the page and come back to download this New Media File at any time. 


Step 10- Download your New Media file

When your New Media file is ready, click the Download icon to save this New Media file to your computer.
Note that this New Media file is compressed.

Download New Media file


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