Clipmaker: Auto-Clipper

Once you have launched Clipmaker and created a Clipmaker Project you can use Auto-Clipper to instantly create Clip Reels from a keyword search.


Step 1- Click the Auto-Clipper tab



Step 2- Search a term

In blank field enter a term and click Go.
Auto-Clipper will search every transcript in your Clipmaker Project and add all search results into a Working Clip Reel.


The image below shows an Auto-Clipper search for the word "file".

Search Term Auto-Clipper

Once the search reaches 100%, you will see from the image below that 1-10 of 15 clips have been added to your Working Clip Reel.

the results have automatically been added to a Working Clip Reel.

Search Results Auto-Clipper

Click Get Clips 11-15 to add the remaining five search results to your Working Clip Reel.


You can now load this Working Clip Reel, Save or Print it, and export a New Media file from this Saved Clip Reel.






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