Vimeo: Download a Video for Captioning

This article demonstrates how to download a video directly from Vimeo to begin the captioning process. Please note that the capability to allow viewers to download the video is a Vimeo setting controlled by content owner. 

Step 1- Log into Vimeo

Log into Vimeo

Vimeo login captions subtitles upload


Step 2- Click on Videos and select asset

 After logging into Vimeo, click on Videos located at the top of the page and select the video that needs to be captioned.

Vimeo UI Videos tab select videos to add captions subtitles


Step 3- Download your video

After clicking on the video that needs to be captioned, click the Download button located below the video.
If a high definition source video was uploaded to Vimeo you will be prompted to download the video as either an SD or HD mp4.
Once selected, the mp4 will download to your computer.

Download Vimeo mp4 video


Once the mp4 has been saved to your computer, you can upload the video to your 3Play Media account to create captions and subtitles.

See more information on uploading a video directly from your computer to 3Play Media

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