YouTube: Order Services Within 3Play


Before ordering services it is best practice to configure both Transcription and Audio Description project settings.

Additionally, please be sure that the YouTube integration has been set up prior to ordering services within your 3Play Media project.

Follow the steps below to order Transcription & Captioning services for media files from within your 3Play Media project using the YouTube integration. 


Step 1- Click Order Services

After logging in to 3Pay Media click Order Services located on the upper, left-hand side of the My Files page.


Step 2- Select Service

Under Choose Main Service select Transcription & Captioning.


Step 3- Select Language

After selecting the service, select the language spoken (or predominately spoken) within the media files that will be submitted for this order.


Step 4- Select Turnaround Service Level

Next select the desired Turnaround Service Level.

Click for more information regarding Turnaround Service Levels


Step 5 - Add Order Instructions (optional)

After selecting a turnaround service level, check the box if you want to include order instructions.

Note that order instructions are optional so click Next without checking the box, should they not be necessary.



  • Please note that the purpose of order instructions is not to provide instructions to inform the transcription process but only for providing spellings that are not easily researchable or cannot be inferred by content itself. 
  • Provide correct spellings of product names, people, technical vocabulary, acronyms, and other terminology occurring in the content that is unique, propriety, or not widely known to better help with the transcription process.
  • Order instructions can be attached as a PDF or in a 500 character limit note.
  • Click for more information regarding default project-level and folder-level order instructions

Once they have been provided, click Next.

Step 6- Order Additional Services (optional)

Next select any additional services to be applied to this order.
The services that are available are caption placement and audio description.

  • Please note that these services will only apply to video files within the order. A mix of video and audio-only can be uploaded together however any these additional services when ordered for audio-only files will be rejected without costs being incurred.

After selecting additional services, click Next.


Step 7- Add Media Files to Order

Locate the YouTube tile listed under Add Media Files and click Choose Files.

  • If more than one YouTube channel is linked to this 3Play Media project, they will be listed on the lefthand side of the dialog box that displays once Choose Files is clicked. Select the YouTube channel that houses the videos that you want to include in this order.

Click the box next to the YouTube videos to be included in this order and then click Add Files.


Step 8- Select Folder

Create a new folder for where the media files for this order will reside or select an existing folder to store these orders.


Step 9- Review and Submit Order

Please review the services and turnaround times requested on the Finalize Order section of the form. Read the cancellation policy that displays on the right-hand side of the Finalize Order page.

After reviewing the order and cancelation policy click Submit to complete the ordering process.


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