Blackboard Collaborate: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to set up the Blackboard Collaborate integration.

Only ASR (automatic speech recognition) captions are available with this integration. However, if human-edited captions are desired, we recommend upgrading to a full transcription in your 3Play Media account. Once that upgrade completes, you may download the 3Play caption file and manually add it to your Blackboard recording.

Step 1- Log in to 3Play Media

Open a new browser window and log in to 3Play Media.

Step 2- Create Project-level API Key

Go to Settings located in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Settings Icon

Then click APIv3 Access Management on the left-hand side to create your API Key.

APIv3 Access MGMT

Name the key, whether or not the key should be enabled, and select a Project Name under Access Type.

Then click Create Access.
Please note that admin level, or account wide, API Keys will not work for this integration.

API Creation

Step 3- Submit a Request for Integration Setup

Once the project-level 3Play Media API Key is created, go to your Blackboard account and submit a case to complete the integration. A representative from Blackboard will integrate the API key so 3Play will be linked to your Blackboard account.

Next Steps...

Request Captions for Blackboard Recordings

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