Quick Download

Before performing a quick download of a 3Play Media file configure favorite formats for your project. The formats saved as favorites will be your default options when performing quick downloads.
Favorite formats can be edited at any time.

See more information on configuring your Favorite Format settings.

Once your favorite formats are configured follow the steps below to quickly download them.

Step 1- Select the File

Locate the file on the My Files page and click the file's name to open the file show page.

Step 2- Click Quick Download

Quick Download favorite closed captions and transcript formats

Step 3- Quick Download a Favorite Format

From the drop down menu that appears click a Favorite Format and it will immediately download to your computer!

Download SRT closed captions

If this project setting has not been configured, click +Add favorite formats

See more information on Favorite Formats.

Add Closed captions and transcript format favorites



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