movingimage: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to set up the integration between movingimage and 3Play Media...

Please note that videos must be published and set to downloadable within movingimage in order for the integration to work.

Step 1- Log into 3Play Media

Navigate to and log into 3Play Media.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login

Step 2- Navigate to New Linked Account

After logging into 3Play Media click Linked Accounts located on the My Files page.

Then click Link a New Account

Limelight captioning integration setup

Step 3- Select movingimage

Click on the movingimage logo from list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Step 4- Create Account

Enter a nickname to easily identify this integration.

Change Postback Captions? from Off to On to have captions automatically associated with the movingimage videos upon completion of the transcription process. 

Change Auto Upload? from Off to On to submit caption requests from movingimage using tags.

Enter your movingimage Username and Password.

Adjusting Ideal Source Bitrate is likely not necessary however you may want to adjust the default value from 500 to 1000Kbps if you intend to use 3Play Media's caption encoding service.


Click Create Account once all required fields have been addressed.

After clicking Create Account a message will appear confirming that account was linked.
You will then be redirected to a thumbnail feed of your movingimage content.


If you intend to use tags to request captions from within movingimage, please continue to the next setup steps. If you do not intend to use tags to request captions from within movingimage the integration set up is complete!

Step 5- Sign into movingimage

Step 6- Navigate to Video Metadata

Click Menu > Administration and then click Video Metadata on the left-hand side of the page.
 Next click Create.

Step 7- Create 3Play_Tags

For Custom Metadata Field Name input 3Play_Tags

IMPORTANT: The naming convention for this custom metadata field must be adhered to and is case-sensitive. The custom metadata field must be named 3Play_Tags

For Data Type choose Multi Select from the dropdown menu.

Click Create.

Step 8- Create Turnaround Tags

Ensure that the Editable in the UI option is enabled.

Create the following tags for English transcription and captioning requests...

3play_standard for Standard Transcription service (4 business days)

3play_two_hour for Two Hour Transcription service (2 hours)

3play_same_day for Same Day Transcription service (8 hours)

3play_rush for Rush Transcription service (1 business day)

3play_expedited for Expedited Transcription service (2 business days)

3play_extended for Extended Transcription service (10 business days)

Click here for more information regarding turnaround times
Click here for more information regarding duration limits 

Next steps...

Request captions for movingimage assets from within 3Play Media
Request captions from 3Play Media from within movingimage using tags

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