movingimage: Request Closed Captions using Auto Upload

If the 3Play_Tags Custom Metadata Field Name has not been set up within movingimage, please refer to steps 5-8 in this article regarding the integration setup.

Please note that videos must be published and set to downloadable within movingimage in order for the integration to work.

Follow the steps below to submit requests for closed captions from the movingimage platform...

Step 1- Sign into movingimage

Step 2- Select Video

Select the video that you would like captioned by 3Play Media.

Step 3- Check Security Settings

Video release and Download release must both be checked under the video's Security section in order to request captions and have the captions posted back to movingimage upon completion of the transcription process. Note that Postback Captions? must be enabled within the integration settings within 3Play Media to receive the captions as shown in step 4 of the integration setup article.

Step 4- Tag the Video

Click Metadata on the right-hand side of the page.

The 3Play_Tags field that was created during the integration set up process will display.
Click the blank field and a dropdown of all of the turnaround options that were created will display.
Select the tag associated with the desired turnaround service level and then minimize the Metadata window.

You will receive an email confirming the Auto Upload was successful If your user profile is configured to receive status email updates.

Click for more information regarding email notifications



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