File Size and Duration Limits

Below are the file size limits that should be considered when uploading your media files to 3Play Media. 

File sizes limitations vary depending on upload method.

If your file size exceeds the recommendations below, the file processing may fail and ultimately be rejected.

File size...

No matter the upload method, 1GB per file is the recommended file size and it is preferable to compress your file to less than 250MB if possible.


Even though you can upload a 1GB file, it is best to compress the video to a point where the file size is small but the resolution clear enough for viewing as our transcript editors use this for reference.  

Audio should be compressed as little as possible to retain quality. If it is too compressed, an audio difficulty surcharge may be applied.

See more information on audio difficulty.

Duration Violations

For files that exceed the duration limit for the requested service level we then cannot guarantee completing the file by the requested turnaround time however we will still do our best to try to complete the file by the requested time.

Vertical Caption Placement

Please note, especially for the fastest turnaround service levels (2-hour and same day), having vertical caption placement (VCP) applied to your file can sometimes delay the completion of a request. This is more likely especially when the file is a duration violation and is going to go through the VCP process.

See more information on Vertical Caption Placement

Regarding turnaround time and cumulative duration of content...

If you know you are going to have uploads that  exceed the recommendations below, please contact your account manager.

NOTE: If you exceed these limits, we will still aim to complete your files on time, but we cannot guarantee the turnaround.

Standard: The cumulative duration of all files submitted for Standard service cannot exceed 40 hours in a single day and an individual file cannot exceed 4 hours. 

Expedited: For one project, an individual file cannot exceed 2 hours, and the cumulative duration of all files submitted for Expedited service cannot exceed 20 hours in a single day.

Rush: For one project, an individual file cannot exceed 2 hours and the cumulative duration of all files submitted for Rush service cannot exceed 10 hours in a single day.

Same day:  For one project,  an individual file cannot exceed 15 minutes and the cumulative duration of all files submitted for Same day service cannot exceed 2 hours in a single day

2 Hour: For one project,  an individual file cannot exceed 5 minutes. If the file is longer than five minutes but less than ten for a 2-hour turnaround request 3Play Media will still attempt to complete the request within two hours provided the file is uploaded during our business hours of 8am-8pm EST. In that scenario the request is priced for the 2 hour turnaround time.

The cumulative duration of all files submitted for 2 Hour service cannot exceed 2 hours in a single day.

Extended: Individual files should not exceed 4 hours. For one project, there are no limitations in terms of the cumulative duration for all files submitted for the extended service level.

Note: In the unfortunate case that we miss a deadline for a file that met our individual file duration limits, you will only be charged for the service level achieved.

See more information on Turnaround Service Levels.






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