Clipmaker v3: Editing SMPTE Timecode and Frame Rate

If the SMPTE Timecode feature has been enabled within Clipmaker v3 Settings, all files within Clipmaker will drive off of the Caption Settings used within your 3Play Media Project. 

NOTE: Editing the SMPTE settings to a file within Clipmaker will propagate to the files within the 3Play Media account system.

Follow the steps below to override the Frame Rate and/or SMPTE Start Time for a file...

Step 1- Select the File

Within Clipmaker, navigate to the Media tab and locate the file you wish to edit.

Step 2- Click the Timecode

Click on the timecode displayed below SMPTE Start.

Step 3- Adjust Timecode and/or Change Frame Rate

Enter a new SMPTE Starting Time.
Select a Frame Rate from the dropdown menu.


Step 4- Save Changes

Click Save and a message "SMPTE starting timecode updated successfully!" will appear.




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