Clipmaker v3: Exporting Clip Reels

This article demonstrates how to generate videos, transcripts, and captions from Clip Reels in Clipmaker.

To Export a Transcript

A PDF transcript of your Working Reel can be generated for download or print at any time by clicking the Print button in the bottom navigation bar.

Note that if SMPTE Timecode has been enabled within the Clipmaker Settings that the PDF transcript will contain SMPTE-based timecode for each clip listed in the reel.

To Export Video or Captions

Once finished creating a Clipmaker reel, a rendition of the reel can be exported as a video to your computer.  Closed captions can be exported as well.

Note that exported video will be compressed and therefore will likely be of lower resolution quality than the original upload.

Step 1- Click Export Reel.

Step 2- Select Media Format and Captions for Export

Name the export in the Rendition Name field.
Next select a format for export.

Video outputs options: mp4, wmv, mov, or avi.
Audio outputs options: wav or mp3

Check the box Export Caption File to also export the reel in the SRT closed caption file.

Click Export to begin processing the rendition.

It will take some time for renditions to process and become available for download.  The amount of time will depend on the length of the reel. Please allow up to 24 hours.

Step 3- Checking Status of Renditions

Navigate to the sidebar menu to view the status of the renditions.
Renditions will be listed below the name of the Clip Reel.

To refresh the status of a rendition without leaving/refreshing the page, click the Refresh Renditions icon.

Step 4- Download

Once a rendition has finished processing, click the Download button to download it to your computer.

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