Clipmaker v3: Building Clip Reels

Follow the below steps to start building a Clip Reel.

Step 1- Filter Folders

Click the folder icon to filter which folders appear in the search.

folder button

Upon clicking this button, a modal will appear listing all of the folders within the Project. Click the Select All button to select all the folders, the Select None button to select none of the folders, or click each checkbox to select individual folders. Click Update to save changes.

modal to filter folders in project

Step 2- Search Media

Click the Media tab. Search for the transcript text to be clipped using the search bar on the left-hand side by clicking the search icon. Click the icon to clear the search.

transcript search bar

Or, search for the 3Play Media file ID or file name using the search bar on the right hand side and then clicking the search icon. Click the icon to clear the search.

media file name and id search bar

Step 3- Create Clip

After selecting the media, highlight a portion of the transcript to be added as a clip and then click the Create Clip button.

create clip button

Once the clip has been created, a notification will appear on the bottom right hand corner notifying that a clip has been added to the Working Reel.

clip added notification

Step 4- View Clips

View recently created clips by clicking on the Working Reel tab. Click on the clip title to edit the name of the clip and click on the red minus icon to delete the clip.


working reel tab and clips

The order of the clips can be rearranged by clicking and dragging each individual clip.

re-order clilps

Clips can also be rearranged beneath the Timeline section.

re-order clips on timeline

Step 5- Play and Save the Reel

Click the Play button to see the clips within the reel. If satisfied with the reel, click the Save icon to save it (if auto-save has been turned off in your settings).

timeline play and save button

Next steps...

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