Clipmaker v3: Settings

Below is an overview of the Clipmaker v3 settings...

Step 1- Click Settings

Once Clipmaker v3 has been launched, click Settings located in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 2- Select Settings

The Settings dialog box will display.

Auto Save Working Clip Reels

This setting will automatically save your clip reels as you work every 2 minutes without having to click the Save button.  Turn this off if a manual save is preferred.

Deactivate Transcript Auto-Scroll

By default the transcript scrolls during video playback. Enable this setting so the transcript does not scroll during video playback.

Hide Paragraphs That Don't Include Search Matches

Enable this setting to filter out paragraphs that don't contain search results.

When Highlighting in the Transcript, Automatically Create Clips When Text Selection Completes

When this setting is enabled, clips are automatically added to the Working Clip Reel when text is highlighted within a transcript.  When this setting is not enabled, the Create Clip button must be clicked in order to add the selected text to the Working Clip Reel.

Use SMPTE timecodes in the print view as well as for the relative in and out time on clips

SMPTE-based timecode can be configured for each file within the Media tab when this setting is enabled. SMPTE timecode will also be used when printing/exporting PDFs of clip reels with this setting.

Step 3- Click Update

Once settings have been selected, click Update to save these changes.






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