Importing Captions via the 3Play Media Account System

Closed caption files that were not created by 3Play Media can be imported into a 3Play Media project as a “master” file using the caption import service. 

If the module has not been activated, log in to your 3Play Media and navigate to Settings > Add-On Modules > Captions Import and click Activate Module.

Click here to be redirected to the Captions Import Module if already logged into the account system

The import service supports the following formats:

SRT       SBV       VTT      
See more information on supported formats and guidelines for the caption import service

Follow the steps below to import captions to your 3Play Media project...

Step 1- Click Import Captions

From the My Files page click Import Captions.

Import Closed Captions to 3Play Media

Step 2- Choose Files and Import

After clicking Import Captions click Choose Files and select up to 20 closed caption files at a time from your computer.
If more than 20 are selected, the additional files will be ignored.

Select Closed Caption files for import service

After selecting the closed caption files, click Import.

Click Import

Step 3- Select Import Options 

After clicking Import a menu will appear where you can select import options.


First select the language that your files are in from the drop down list.
If the closed captions being imported are in a variety of languages,  use the option to automatically detect the language of each file.

Select The language of my files varies. Please automatically detect the language for me option if you are unsure of the language of some or all files.

Paragraph Breaks

By default captions imported to a 3Play Media project will automatically add paragraph breaks each time a caption frame ends a sentence giving the output a cleaner looking, easier to read formatting.

If you do not want do not add any paragraph breaks to imported captions check the button next to No - do not add any paragraph breaks to my captions.

Closed Caption import service options

Click Next after choosing from the available options.

Step 4- Select Folder

Next either create a new folder or select from an existing one from your project.
The folder selected here is where the captions will be located once imported.

Closed Captions import to folder
Once a folder is created or selected click Next.

Step 5- Confirm and Import

After assigning the destination folder an overview will display showing the number of captions for this import and of the overall usage of your subscription shown next to New Usage. Please note that New Usage factors in the captions that are about to be imported..

Click Import Captions after reviewing the overview.

Overview captions to be imported
After clicking Import Captions the process will begin processing the closed captions.
Closed Captions importing


Optional Next Steps...

Caption Placement, Caption Encoding, and Audio Description for Caption Imports

Please note that Vertical Caption Placement, Caption Encoding and Audio Description services can be ordered for files imported into the 3Play Media account system once a source video has been added to the imported file



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