Caption Imports Overview

Caption imports service supports the following closed captions formats
SRT       SBV       VTT         
If you would like to import a different format, please contact your account manager first.

With the Caption Imports service, existing captioning assets can be uploaded to the 3Play Media platform for the purpose of

- conversion to other closed caption formats and transcripts
- storage and file management
- editing
- search
- implementation of interactive plugins.  

Additional services ( Caption Placement, Caption Encoding, Audio Description for Caption Imports, and more )

Please note that additional services such as Vertical Caption Placement, Caption Encoding and Audio Description services can be ordered for files imported into the 3Play Media account system once a source video has been added to the imported file.

Methods for Importing Closed Captions

Once this service is enabled, captions can be imported via the online account system, FTP, and API. 
IMPORTANT NOTE:  If there are instances of these brackets {} anywhere in the caption file, they will be deleted.  If a word is encapsulated by the brackets, like so {3Play}, then the brackets and the word will be deleted.  

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Caption Imports Guidelines and Supported Formats
Import via the online account system
Import via FTP
Import a Translation to a 3Play Media Master File
- Caption Imports API 



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