Echo 360: Manually Add a Transcript or Closed Captions

Transcripts and Closed Captions will automatically post-back to your account if you are using the integration with Echo360 and 3Play Media but they can also be manually added to the Echo360 environment.

PLEASE NOTE: The XML (Custom) caption format required for Echo360 will need to be added to your account by either your 3Play Media account manager or 3Play Media Support.

Once the XML (Custom) format has been added to the account you can configure this format as a favorite format so it will be readily available when performing a quick download.

See more information on configuring your Favorite Format settings.

Step 1- Select the file

Go to the My Files page in your 3Play Media project that is linked to your EchoSystem.
Click on the name of the file associated with your recorded Echo.

Select a File

Step 2- Click Quick Download icon

Quick Download favorite closed captions and transcript formats

Step 3- Quick Download XML (Custom)

From the drop down menu that appears click XML (Custom) and it will immediately download to your computer!

XML Caption download for Echo360

Step 4- Log into Echo360

Step 5- Navigate to your Echoes

Navigate to Echoes > Echoes.

Step 6- Locate your Echo

Locate your Echo and click Edit.
Click Edit Echo360

Step 7- Click Add Resources
Add resources button Echo360

Step 8- Add Your Transcript or Closed Captions

Select the closed caption file and/or transcript file you wish to add to your Echo.

Upload Closed Captions Transcripts Echo360

Step 9- Click Add Resources
Add resources button Echo360

Step 10- Click Save
Save transcript closed captions Echo360

Step 11- Test and configure your captions or transcript

Open the Echo in the EchoPlayer. You should see the CC button in button bar.

CC button Echo360

Notice that the closed captions appear in a separate pane that can be closed, resized, or moved around the EchoPlayer window. You can adjust the font size of the closed captions by clicking the plus and minus buttons.

Show closed captions box Echo360

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