Echo360: Captioning Integration Overview

3Play Media has a complete captioning integration with Echo360. Closed captioning requests can be requested directly from Echo360 for individual classes or an entire course. Media files get automatically transferred to 3Play Media for processing and the closed captions and transcripts get posted back to your Echo360 account automatically upon completion. Different turnaround service levels can be requested and the status of your requests can be monitored directly from either an Echo360 or 3Play Media account. The Echoes, once transcribed  can also be downloaded in a variety of different captions and transcript file formats directly from your 3Play Media account.

PLEASE NOTE: Before setting up this integration it is required to contact 3Play Media Support as a new project will need to be created within your account by a 3Play Media team member

This is required in order to take advantage of the automated features and ensure the integration is correctly set up. 

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