Echo360: Initiate a Closed Caption Request for an Echo

PLEASE NOTE: 3Play Media will need to be added as a publisher before initiating a closed captioning from your Echo360 account. Configuring the 3Play Media publisher should be done when linking your Echo360 and 3Play Media accounts.

See more information on linking your Echo360 and 3Play Media accounts. 


Step 1- Select an Echo

On the top of the screen, click on the Echoes tab to navigate to your Echoes.  
Select the Echo that needs to be captioned.

Echo360 Echoes


Step 2- Click Edit

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Edit button.

Caption Echo360 recordings


Step 3- Click Add Publisher

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add Publisher button.

Publishers can also be added at the section level. 
This will automatically send any Echo placed in the section off for captioning.


Echo360 Captioning Workflow


Step 4- Select 3Play Media

Under General Info, select 3Play Media from the drop-down menu. 

Echo360 Add Publisher 

After selecting 3Play Media the Publisher Configuration section will appear. 
Echo360 Captioning Workflow turnaround service levels


Step 5- Request Turnaround Service Level

To request a specific turnaround service level for a captioning request enter a numeric value of either 1, 2, 4, or 10.
The number entered represents the turnaround service level in business days.

Enter 1 for the Rush 1 business day turnaround
Enter 2 for the Expedited 2 business day turnaround
Enter for the Standard 4 business day turnaround
Enter 10 for the Extended 10 business day turnaround

Once you have enter the number representing your preferred turnaround time click Save.


See more information on turnaround service levels.


Step 6- Ensure configuration is complete

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure that 3Play Media is listed in the Configured Presentation Publishers section. Click the Save button.

Echo360 Configured Presentation Publishers

Step 7- Processing

Your media file will automatically be sent to 3Play Media for processing. 
The caption file will automatically post back to your Echo360 account after it has been completed. 

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