Echo360: Edit Transcript and Captions Post Processing

Note: To edit and update captions that have already been processed, your 3Play Media account must first be configured with the ability to download the XML (Custom) file format. If you don't see this as an option after selecting a file and clicking Download, please contact and we will add it.


Step 1- Log into your 3Play Media account

Login to 3Play Media


Step 2- Select the file

Locate and click on the file you want to edit.

Click a File


Step 3- Click Edit Transcript

Click on the Edit button located above the transcript.  You will be directed to the Edit Transcript page where you can make changes to your transcript.

Edit Trascript Button

See more information regarding editing your transcript.


Step 4- Save your changes

After you have completed editing your transcript, click Save Changes and Finalize File.

Save ChangesFinalize File


Step 5- Click Request Download

Go back to the My Files page and select the file you just edited.
Click the Download button.

Request download of Echo


Step 6- Download your preferred file format

If you want to download a transcript of your Echo, click the Web Caption tab and click XML (Custom). Your file will begin to download after clicking this.

Download XML


Step 7- Log into your Echo360 account


Step 8- Upload the updated version of your file

Upload the edited version of your captions or transcript file to the EchoSystem via the Echo360 user interface.


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