Add Captions Manually to a VoiceThread Video

Follow the steps below to add closed captions to a VoiceThread Video.

Step 1- Select the file

Locate the file from the My Files page that corresponds to your VoiceThread video.
Click the file's name to open the file level actions menu.

Select a File


Step 2- Click Quick Download

Click the Quick Download icon located above the transcript

Quick Download favorite closed captions and transcript formats


Files can also be batch downloaded from your 3Play Media project.
See more information on how to batch download files


Step 3- Select a Supported Caption Type

  • VoiceThread accepts caption files in these formats:
    • DFXP
    • SRT
    • SAMI
    • SCC
    • SBV

Click here from more information regarding how to download closed captions

Step 4 - Log into VoiceThread

Once logged into VoiceThread, click on the video that you want to add closed captions to.

Voicethread account page


Step 5 - Click CC (Closed Captions)

After selecting the video, hover your cursor over the CC button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Next click Add captions.

Voicethread Video Page

Step 6 - Upload Closed Captions

Once in the Closed Captions Options, click Upload Captions.
Select the closed captions from your computer that are associated with the video and upload them to VoiceThread.

Upload Closed Captions from 3Play Media to Voicethread

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