VoiceThread: Submit Recording for Closed Captioning

Once the VoiceThread integration setup has been completed, follow the steps below to request captions for VoiceThread recordings. Upon completion of the transcription process, the closed captions will automatically be sent back to the associated VoiceThread.


Step 1- Log into VoiceThread

Once logged into VoiceThread, click on the video requiring captions.

VoiceThread Homepage


Step 2- Navigate to Add Captions

After selecting the video, click the CC button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then click Add captions.

Add Captions button in VoiceThread


Step 3- Submit Captions Request

From the Closed Captions Options menu, select 3Play Media from the "Use a Transcription Service" menu, and click the "Order" button. 3Play Media will automatically send the closed captions to that VoiceThread recording.



Menu for requesting Close Captions from 3Play Media in VoiceThread

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