FTP Deliveries

FTP Deliveries are available in the Settings section of your 3Play Media project.
With ftp deliveries, 3Play will automatically deliver caption and transcript formats to your FTP server with a naming convention you specify to fit your workflow needs.

FTP Credentials

Input a FTP host, username, and password as the credentials to your FTP server.
Specify a path if you would like the 3Play FTP server to navigate to a specific directory. 
Note that the FTP host name should not contain the ftp:// protocol indicator. 
We recommend that you create a username and password specifically for the 3Play delivery process.
 FTP Host
 FTP Path
 FTP Username
 FTP Password

Output Formats

You can select any caption or transcript format you would like delivered, including any custom formats you have tied to your account.  Common delivery formats are SRT and DFXP captions, and TXT and HTML transcripts.

Naming Convention

Input a naming convention for deliveries, taking into account any information you may need to have in the output file names.  You can use variables by placing attributes in curly braces.  For example, if you have uploaded a file for transcription with the title “Lecture_1” with the video_id of “ABC123” into the folder “Math101”, and you would like to track these attributes in the delivery name, set up your naming convention as:

{folder}_{name}_{video_id} ...and you will receive your output files as:


...assuming you have selected the SRT, TXT and HTML formats as your delivery formats.

 The unique 3Play Media File ID
 The name field for your file in your 3Play account
 The video_id field for your file in your 3Play account.  If you are using a linked  account, this will be your video platform’s ID field
 The name of the folder the media file is in at the time of download
 Tags field joined by underscores, e.g. science_math_biology
 Tags field merged together with no separator, e.g. sciencemathbiology
 Wild card attribute1 from the metadata fields
 Wild card attribute2 from the metadata fields
 Wild card attribute3 from the metadata fields
 Frames-per-second setting for the media file.  e.g. 29.97, 25
 Frames-per-second setting with the dot removed.  e.g. 2997, 25
 If the file is configured as drop frame “df”, otherwise nothing
 Configured starting timecode, e.g. 01:00:00:00
 iso 639-1 code of the file language, e.g. “en”, “es"
 Full name of the file language, e.g. “English”, “Spanish"
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