Favorite Formats

Up to 6 formats can be selected from this menu. Once saved, these formats will be selected by default when requesting a quick download for a file from your 3Play Media account.

Please note: Favorite Formats are a project setting and not a user setting. Any changes you make will be applied to your project and could impact other users!

Follow the steps below to configure your favorite formats...

Step 1- Click Settings

On the top, right hand corner of the My Files page click Settings.

Transcription and Captioning Settings

Step 2- Select Favorite Formats

Select up to 6 closed caption and transcript formats.

Closed Captions and transcript formats menu

Step 3- Save Formats

Once you have selected your favorites click Save Formats. Save Closed Captions and Transcript favorite formats

Once Save Formats is clicked a green message bubble will appear notifying you that your favorites have been saved.

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