Canvas Studio: Integration set-up

Once you link your Canvas Studio account, you will be able to order 3Play Media’s Transcription & Captioning service right from you Studio account. This will also allow completed captions to be delivered back to Canvas Studio without any extra steps through the Postback Captions setting.

NOTE: In order to use the integration with Canvas Studio and 3Play Media your content must be in English. Have any non-English content, let us know by contacting your account rep or our technical support team

See more information on adding captions from Canvas Studio. 

Step 1- Log into Canvas/Studio 

Step 2- Navigate to Settings


Once logged in, click Settings > Developer Keys

Step 3- Create Developer Key

Add a Name (ex: 3Play Media) and enter the following Redirect URL:

Then press Save Key. 

Note the Client ID and Secret, you will need to enter these in 3Play in the steps below. 

Step 4- Navigate back to your 3Play Media account

Open a new browser window and log into your 3Play Media account.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login

Step 4- Navigate to Linked Accounts

After logging into your 3Play Media account click Linked Accunts on the secondary nav bar. 

Step 5- Link a New Account

Click the Link a New Account and then the Canvas Studio icon. 

Step 6- Enter and Select Integration settings 

Now you will navigate back to your Canvas account, and go to Settings → Developer Keys, where your Client ID and Secret for 3Play Media are stored. Tip: It’s best to keep two tabs or windows open to toggle between sites. 

Nickname: this is an option way to name your Canvas Studio account in 3Play. 

Postback Captions: Turn Postback Captions to On to have captions automatically sent to and associated with your Studio Media upon completion of the transcription process.

Auto Upload: Turn Auto Upload to On to enable the ability to submit caption requests directly from Canvas Studio. This must be enabled to allow the integration to work. 

Canvas Studio Domain: this will be the URL that you see at the top of your browser window in Canvas Studio. Take everything from the beginning until after .com. For example, it will look something like this with your organization in place of the ‘3play’:

Next, copy and paste the Client ID and Secret from Canvas into the respective fields in 3Play. 

Once you have entered the required information, click Create Account.

Next steps...

Order Captions from your Canvas Studio account


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