Canvas Studio: Order Captions from your Canvas Studio account

Before following the steps below, ensure Auto Upload is enabled through your Linked Account settings. Go to Linked Accounts then click on the Canvas Studio integration and Auto Upload should be set to Yes. More information on setting up the integration can be found here: Canvas Studio: Integration Set-Up

Follow the steps below to submit requests for closed captions from Canvas Studio...

Step 1- Sign into Canvas Studio

Step 2- Select Video

Select the video you want captioned by 3Play Media from your library. 

Step 3- On the video page, navigate to Captions 

Click New Caption, then Request Captions. 

Step 4- Select Language and Service Level

Choose Language: English and then select your Service Level. The Service level is the turnaround time to get your completed captions back. Note the Same Day, Rush, Expedited, and Two Hour turnaround options are offered at a premium rate. 

Then click Request.

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