Amara Integration: Setup

Please note that before setting up the integration with your Amara Enterprise Team that the Captions Import module must already be activated. See more information regarding the Captions Import add-on module

Activate Closed Captions Import Service

Follow the steps below to activate the Amara add-on module once the Captions Import Module is activated.

Step 1- Select the Amara Add-on Module

Click on Settings located on the upper, right-hand corner of the page of your 3Play Media project.

Settings for 3Play Media project

From the Settings page locate the Add-on Modules section and click Amara Integration.

Amara integration add-on module

Step 2- Enter Amara credentials

Enter the Amara Username and Amara API Key located in the Account section of your Amara account. Next enter the Amara Team URL which can be retrieved from the Team Settings page of your Amara account.

Please note: Only copy the very last part of the Amara Team URL. For example, if the team URL is:, only copy "teamurl" to paste in the Amara Team URL field in 3Play.

If you don’t know the appropriate credentials, talk to your team administrator.

Step 3- Select Languages

Check the boxes associated with the languages to be automatically imported into your 3Play Media account from your Amara Enterprise Team upon completion of the translation process.  This option gives you greater control over your workflow. The languages you select can be updated at any time.

Step 4- Activate Amara Integration

Once you have entered your Amara credentials and selected from the list of available languages, click Activate.

Activate Amara integration for translation subtitles

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