Amara Integration: Overview

The integration with Amara allows users to send videos and captions from 3Play Media to their Amara Enterprise Team for translation. When translated captions are completed and published within Amara as well as being imported automatically into the user's 3Play Media project.

The Amara integration is an add-on module which can be activated from the Settings page from within your 3Play Media project.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Amara add-on module requires the Captions Import add-on module to also be activated, and that you have an Amara Enterprise Team created.  To inquire about creating an Amara Enterprise Team, see here.  When completed translations are imported from Amara into 3Play Media they count against the import total for that project.


See more information regarding the Captions Import Service

Amara integration with 3Play Media


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Amara Integration Setup

Send requests from a 3Play Media project to Amara

Import from Amara into a 3Play Media project

Manual Import from Amara into a 3Play Media Project

Update Translations in 3Play Media that were edited in Amara

Editing Automatic Language List

Delete Imported Translations

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