Desire2Learn Capture: Configure and Retrieve Presentation Links

Follow the steps below to begin the captioning/transcription process for your D2L Presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Before setting up this integration it is required to contact 3Play Media Support as a new project will need to be created within your account by a 3Play Media team member

This is required in order to take advantage of the automated features and ensure the integration is correctly set up. 


Step 1- Log into your D2L Capture portal

Log into your D2L Capture portal and click Admin in the upper right.

Desire2Learn logo


Step 2- Enable MP4 encoding

From the Manage Supported Platforms window, make sure that MP4 encoding is enabled for your presentations.
You can enable MP4 encoding for all presentations or a single presentation.

MP4 Encoding Enabled


Step 3- Click Manage Presentations

Click Manage Presentations under the On-Demand heading in the left menu.


Step 4- Select a presentation to caption

Click on the presentation that you want to submit for captioning.


Step 5- Copy the presentation Link Location

Right-click on Download (MP4 / 480P) and select Copy Link Location.

Download MP4 D2L Presentation 


Note that you can download the Desire2Learn MP4 file to your computer by selecting the Save As option.
This may be necessary to publish your presentation on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video platforms.
Also, it may be necessary to upload the MP4 file to 3Play Media for captioning as an alternative to the link method described in this article.

See more information on uploading files from your computer.


Next Steps- 

Submit a D2L Presentation for Captioning


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