Desire2Learn Capture: Captioning Overview

Desire2Learn Capture allows video presentations to be created, edited, and viewed within the D2L Learning Environment and shared in courses or on external websites and content management systems. D2L Capture often requires captioning when used for lecture capture, distance learning, or blended learning.

This support forum provides step by step instructions on how to add searchable closed captions to presentations recorded with Desire2Learn (D2L) Capture. It also shows how to create a self-contained captioned video that can be distributed as a single file and made viewable offline with iTunes, QuickTime, or any mobile devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Searchable Captions

The D2L Capture player allows users to search within the presentation across all searchable content, including chapter names and captions that have been added and are enabled.

Searchable captions in Desire2Learn


PLEASE NOTE: Before setting up this integration it is required to contact 3Play Media Support as a new project will need to be created within your account by a 3Play Media team member

This is required in order to take advantage of the automated features and ensure the integration is correctly set up. 

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